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Are you in the right race?

My word for the year is path.

Am I staying on my own path or am I walking a path that is not meant for me? I heard a story on the radio about a guy that entered a 5k race and what a shock to finally realize that he had entered the wrong race, a marathon. He ended up crossing the half-marathon finish line crawling on his hands and knees.

I know sometimes it may seem we have entered the wrong race because the opposition is so loud and seems to be so far ahead, but I know I am in the right race because my path is directed by God. I am on the right path. I have entered the right race. How do I know? Look at the abortion statistics for 2020. 31.5% of abortions in Ohio happened in Cuyahoga County. The next closest county is Hamilton at 18.4%. We fight the biggest battle right here in Cuyahoga County. I know we’ve entered the toughest race but it’s the right race.

Here is what I know. Satan hates the image of God. If he can destroy it, he will. He wanted to be above God and if anything looks like God, he hates it. Every time he sees us, he gets frustrated. That’s why he goes after the easy, voice-less target. Satan hates us because we are made in the image of God and as Scripture says, “the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy.” This is especially true of the abortion industry. Therefore, I believe we are in the right race and in the most critical of battles. This battle is a battle for LIFE. We know our path can be rugged, but we know it’s the right race. It’s easy to say what we’re against but it moves mountains when we say what we are for. We are for LIFE and that LIFE abundantly, John 10:10.

Are you in the right race? Join us if you haven’t already. To combat the heart-wrenching abortion statistics in our community there need to be more opportunities for men and women to be blanketed with the gospel message of hope that leads them to choose life for their babies. To provide these life saving opportunities our center does need to be open more days a week, so those facing the decision to abort may be provided with true choice, that gives the opportunity for LIFE and LIFE eternal.

Our biggest obstacle to opening our doors more days a week is the need for more sonographers, This would increase our budget by $4,680 or $90 per month to cover one week of service. Would you consider being a monthly Pillar Partner at $90 per month to provide ultrasounds the number one life-saving tool you can provide for women and men.

To lessen the amount of abortion vulnerable individuals through the doors of abortion clinics, we need to reach more of them first. The best way for us to do that is through our usage of Google Ads, where most women go to search when they fear they are pregnant. The current cost for this service is $1,000 and from that we average about 21 appointments. These appointments are the gateway to saving a life. Would you consider sponsoring one of those appointments for $48 every month? The cost for an ultrasound is $103. Please consider offering a mom and dad a view to the womb of their of their yet to be born baby for a chance to say yes to LIFE.

To give, visit

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7. You are in the right race. Let’s finish together strong.

Bob Hershey

Executive Director

Cleveland Pregnancy Center

Another way you can really impact the reach of the Cleveland Pregnancy Center within our community is by giving us a 5 star and written review on Google. Many ill-intended people who disagree with our stance on life leave fake reviews, which significantly impacts our reach on the internet. Many comments come from those that have never been to our facility. Please help us combat the negative attacks and consider leaving a review on our Google pages. This has the potential to make a positive impact when women are deciding where to go to seek out options for their pregnancies.

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