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Pro-Life Prayers with David Hancy

Q and A with CPC Prayer Coordinator David Hancy

If you're looking to get involved in pro-life ministry, a good place to get started is by joining our prayer team. David Hancy serves as CPC's Prayer Coordinator and he gives some great insight into what that looks like and how to get involved.

How did you first get involved in pro-life ministry? I knew of CPC, but at a time where I was just suddenly downsized from a job, I get a call and message from Bob Hershey to meet and learned how to get involved. Later on I found out that my good friend Brandon, who was mentoring the men, had recommended me, and I've been there ever since.

Why is prayer such an important part of what CPC does? I believe prayer is the backbone of the Center. Unless we seek His face and His will, then we are only relying on mankind and ourselves. In fact, it is crucial that we remain prayerful in His work.

What are some ways to get involved in the prayer aspect of the Cleveland Pregnancy Center? In order for others to get on the prayer team, all we need is your name, email and phone number. Most of my communication with the team is via email. You just need to have a prayerful and faithful attitude, and a servant's heart to pray for initials and individuals we may never meet or know, but God knows them all. Get the Word out in the churches and share your experiences of the power of prayer.

How can we be praying for the ministry? Just prayer for the team to be strengthened, encouraged and faithful as we plead with the Lord for His will, purposes and plans for the staff, volunteers and clients, as well as the best permanent place for the location of the new center.

Do you have a life verse, or favorite verse? My life verse is: Phillipians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Thank you David for all that you do! We appreciate you brother.

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