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8 ways to pray for dads in our community

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Written by: Chris Matetic, Social Media/Marketing Coordinator for The Cleveland Pregnancy Center

As the social media and marketing coordinator for CPC, I often read many articles on how to align our pro-life words with tangible life changing actions. I also manage the CPC prays page on Facebook and am always finding inspiration through blog posts, hearing God speak through conversations and stories, and devotionals I read throughout the week. This has led me to start to think through additional ways of praying for our clients.

It seems as though many pro-life folks tend to focus almost solely on the mothers in the community (which is essential), but don’t often include ways to minister to, and pray for the men that step through the doors of centers like CPC. At CPC, we believe that if you reach men with the power of the gospel and provide them with resources and community on the front end of the equation - the result is that the 2nd half of the equation (the desire to have an abortion) becomes obsolete or in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, becomes more manageable.

I started to think through tangible expressions of love and compassion towards the fathers in our community and how we, as Champions could begin to pray for them. This is obviously not an exhaustive list but a starting point for ways to impact the lives of dads in our community through focused prayer. You could even use these five points as a rough template when thinking of how you want to devote your prayer time.

  1. Pray that dads would have hearts for their children (Malachi 4:6). Often times, dads can be passive, or not wanting to accept responsibility for their actions. Pray that dads would see the inherent value of life and be convicted to protect that life. Help them to understand how important they are to their families.

  2. Pray for dads to not only accept their roles and responsibilities as fathers, but to also choose to love and lead their families well.

  3. Pray that dads would have the courage to work on their own hearts, and struggles. This could be seen as a prerequisite to leading their families well.

  4. Pray that dads would be open to having conversations and accepting support and resources. A lot of times, it’s difficult to even begin a conversation when someone is not open to the possibilities laid before them.

  5. Pray that dads would choose to be involved. There are times when men will accompany their partners to their appointments. There are many other times when the mothers come alone. We urge you to pray for dads to be involved in the decision making process.

  6. Pray that dads who step into the center would see Jesus through our staff.

  7. Pray that dads would not listen to the culture but that they would listen to who God says they are.

  8. Most importantly, pray that dads would be receptive to hearing the gospel and allow it to transform their hearts, minds, attitudes and actions.

Continue to pray for the men, women and children that come into our center. Pray for changed hearts and transformed lives. Pray that families would choose life, and by extension, live an abundant, thriving life.

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